Dr Wojciech Kania

Ornithological Station, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Nadwiślańska 108, 80-680 Gdańsk, Poland

e-mail wkania@stornit.gda.pl (wkania@miiz.waw.pl); tel. +48 58 3080 759; fax +48 58 3080 982
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Main research interests
Below links to relevant publications
Main issues investigated recently, some still without published output
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1.Application of ringing and the data acquired when ringing to the investigations into bird biology, especially migration, dispersal, population structure, survival, breeding phenology and their variability according to long-term changes: climatic (global warming, of course) as well as cultural and economic ones
2.Organization of ringing
3.Other topics

Studied bird species with links to relevant publications

Fringilla coelebs

Sturnus vulgaris

Great Tit
Parus major

White Stork
Ciconia ciconia

Calidris alpina

Little Stint
Calidris minuta

list of all species
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